Tree Seasons

Get access to trees when you need them! C2C Trees grows trees so that they are available for planting throughout the growing season. We can help you maximize your ability to plant throughout the frost-free season with flexible and convenient spring, summer, and fall options.

Summer Plant
All of our summer plant seedlings are custom grown to order. This allows us to grow and prepare these trees for specific, preset delivery dates. Our nurseries are proud to offer earlier summer tree delivery dates than any other nursery in Canada.
Spring Plant
We grow hardy spring plant trees. Growing spring trees all through the summer months allows us to provide you with trees of even better quality than our summer trees. These trees are well developed and tested for frost hardiness before they are harvested in November. After spending the winter in one of our cold storage facilities, you will receive strong spring stock as soon as you are ready to begin your planting season.
Early Summer Plant
The early summer plant is also known as 2+0. Unlike many nurseries who try to grow early summer 2+0 crops outside and have to rely on the unpredictable weather, all of our early summer crops are grown inside until the seedlings have reached their desired height; only then are they moved outside to reap the benefits of full sunlight. Early summer trees are ideal to fill the holes in your planting schedule.
Fall Plant
Our fall plant trees are grown on the same time frame as our spring plant seedlings, but they are available for planting in September or October. These trees are well developed and tested for frost hardiness before they are delivered to you.