Smoky Lake Forest Nursery

Located in Smoky Lake, Smoky Lake Forest Nursery (SLFN, formerly Pine Ridge Forest Nursery) has been producing bareroot and container seedlings since 1977.

  • 9 million container seedling capacity
  • 27,000 square meters of greenhouse space
  • Over 80 hectares of bareroot field space
  • Greenhouse environment is 100% computer controlled
  • Has Alberta’s foremost seed extraction, cleaning, and testing facility
  • Produces virtually all the reclamation stock for the Alberta oil sands (1.75 million seedlings spread over 50 species of trees and shrubs in 2011)
  • Produces virtually all of the stock for our retail seedling business,
  • Is actively involved in its own research as well as research partnerships with Alberta's forest companies and academia
Our Staff
  • Leroy Kunyk - Senior Grower
  • Debbie Minailo - Office Manager
  • Henny Darago - Seed Plant Manager