Cold Storage Services

C2C Trees has five Cold Storage facilities:

How we care for your trees:

We understand how important your seedlings are to your business, and we go to great lengths to ensure
their continued health. Here's how we do it:

  • we coordinate with our nurseries on your behalf to ensure your trees get into storage in a timely manner
  • all shipping to and from this facility is done in temperature controlled reefers
  • once they arrive at a cold storage facility, every one of your trees goes through our freeze-down protocol
  • your trees are palletized, entered into our inventory management software, and stored under controlled conditions
  • when it's time to send your trees into the field, we can thaw them just enough so that they are ready to plant when they arrive at the block
  • we'll coordinate with you and your trucking company to ensure your trees are loaded safely, transported at the correct temperatures, and delivered where and when you need them

Contact us at (780) 472-8676 or at
if you'd like to discuss storing your trees at one of our facilities.