Chinook Greenhouse (1990) Ltd.

Located in Medicine Hat, Chinook Greenhouse has been in business since 1985.

  • 10 million container seedlings capacity
  • 23,225 square meters of production area
  • Crop consists mostly of White Spruce and Lodgepole Pine, but also includes Black Spruce, Larch, and Poplar
  • Four separate ranges, and one large range with dividing walls and doors allowing for specific environmental control for various species of seedlings
  • The production warehouse contains state of the art seeding and harvest equipment
  • Cold storage facility to accommodate spring stock requirements
Products and Services offered by Chinook Greenhouse
Our Staff
  • Carson Pancoast - Owner
  • Garrett Bowman - Owner
  • Leigh-Ann Pancoast - Owner
  • Russ Braham - Grower